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Sudbury Dentist: Maintaining Your Dental Health with Dental Exams and Cleanings

Sudbury Dentist | Excellent dental care is more than tooth brushing and flossing. Although these at-home techniques are beneficial, patients need to maintain routine dental exams and cleanings for optimal dental health. Dental exams and cleanings offer patients with unique professional dental care as every smile is different. Learn more about maintaining dental health with dental exams and cleanings below.

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What are dental exams?

Great dental health begins with a thorough dental exam. This evaluation involves the examination of teeth, gums, jaw, and overall mouth structure. Some patients will also need dental X-rays to best understand the current oral health state while uncovering underlying issues. Modern dental offices like, Weston Dental Specialists Group, offers sophisticated imaging for high-quality and quicker results. In fact, these state-of-the-art radiograph machines expose the least amount of radiation which makes dental X-rays very safe.

In addition, your dental exam will include a medical history review. Our Sudbury dentist uses this information to further narrow your best dental treatment options. Then, we will discuss your current dental health with you while recommending your unique dental plan. This consultation is a great opportunity to ask us questions or express any concerns you may have. Our main objective is to be very transparent and informative with each patient.

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What are dental cleanings?

Dental cleanings are essential for your smile. This routine dental procedure removes plaque and tartar from teeth and gum line. Normal teeth brushing and flossing removes plaque. However, dental cleanings clean areas that are difficult to reach. Often times, there is tartar buildup that patients are not aware of. Furthermore, it can only be removed at a dental office.

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At Weston Dental Specialists Group, we offer an array of dental solutions to customize each treatment plan. Contact us today for an exam and consultation with our Sudbury dentist . New and existing patients may call (781) 894-0347 or book an appointment online. In addition, visit the dental clinic at  56 Colpitts Road Suite 4-6 Weston, MA 02493.


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