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Emergency Dentist Wayland: Common Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist Wayland

Emergency Dentist Wayland | Tooth pain or discomfort is a common sign of an underlying issue. Because issues can range from a small cavity to a tooth infection, patients should always contact their dentist with any dental concern. Some situations can be scheduled for a later appointment. Whereas, others need urgent care. Learn about common dental emergencies below.

emergency dentist wayland

Tooth Pain

Sharp or throbbing tooth pain? Call your dentist. Tooth pain is an obvious indication that an underlying issue exists. In general, pain could be sensitivity, decay, or infection. Therefore, a thorough examination is needed to uncover the underlying issue. Treatment will vary depending on the findings. For example, a root canal treatment is typically recommended for a tooth infection. The procedure involves the removal of the tooth pulp in order to save the tooth.

emergency dentist wayland

Avulsed (Knocked Out) Tooth

Incidents happen. And, sometimes patients will lose a tooth as a result. We encourage patients to call their dentist as soon as possible. Bleeding, pain, and infection is likely to occur. If you have access to the fallen tooth, store the tooth in water or milk. Your dentist will attempt to save it. If not, other options to replace your tooth will be discussed. Teeth replacement options are dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

Damaged Dental Restorations

Dental work can become damaged in an incident or from chewing on hard food. Contact your dentist if you notice any damage including chipping or a loose fit. In other words, your dental restoration needs to be corrected right away to avoid infection. This includes, crowns, implants, bridges, dentures, and fillings.

Broken Tooth

Sometimes a facial injury results in a broken tooth. Patients may feel pain and notice bleeding. Consequently, the tooth is at risk of infection and needs to be treated right away. Treatment will vary as each fracture will require a different solution.

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Emergency Dentist Wayland | All dental concerns should be addressed to your dentist. In addition, dental emergencies can be avoided by maintaining good oral health. Learn how by scheduling an exam and consultation today. Our team of prosthodontist is ready to assist. Call (781) 894-0347 or book an appointment online. Moreover, our dental office is located at  56 Colpitts Road Suite 4-6 Weston, MA 02493. We proudly serves residents of Weston, Wellesley, Sudbury, and Wayland areas.

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