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Invisalign Wayland: 3 Reasons Why Invisalign is Best

Invisalign Wayland MA

Misaligned, crooked or abnormally shaped teeth is a common dental related issue facing many people worldwide. The misaligned teeth come with a lot of discomfort, pain and in some instances precedes to dental diseases. Food particles lodging in between misaligned teeth harbor bacteria that end up causing dental plague in the long run. Misaligned teeth disfigure the oral cavity, resulting in the affected person losing confidence in talking or smiling in front of other people. One of the most common methods of managing misaligned teeth have, for a long time, been the use of metallic dental braces. A technique that is proving to be convenient, efficient and effective However, Invisalign has become a popular alternative. Learn more below and contact us today.

invisalign Wayland MA

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are transparent and removable. This clear alternative to braces is becoming quite popular, with many dentists recommending it for their patients. In addition, patients are seeking Invisalign due to its discreet way of straightening teeth.

Why Clear Aligners are Best

Dentists and patients are opting for Invisalign to correct misaligned teeth and have numerous reasons why they choose the method compared to the other options. Below are three key reasons why Invisalign is the best alternative, and why they are preferred.

  1. Invisible- the fact that Invisalign is clear makes them blend perfectly with your natural set of teeth making it almost impossible to be noticed by anyone. Being invisible makes the clear aligners more efficient and preferred compared to the otherwise visible and prominently featuring metal dental braces. One can go about their daily business without anyone noticing the presence of the Invisalign. Your teeth with realign and get back to the intended position without you creating a fashion statement. Invisalign’s are also more comfortable because they have smooth edges, making it easier in your teeth movement and the teeth realignment process.
  2. Removable – Invisalign is removable, helping you maintain good oral hygiene even as you try to improve your teeth appearance. You can easily remove the Invisalign and soak and clean them as recommended by your dentist.  You will also be able to clean your oral cavity after removing the Invisalign, helping you keep your teeth in a healthy state.
  3. Teeth realignment- These clear aligners move your teeth into their proper position gently and gradually. These aligners are more convenient compared to conventional wires and metal dental braces. Invisalign helps your teeth realign less dramatically compared to the traditional metallic dental braces.

invisalign Wayland MA

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Overall, clear aligners are becoming the most preferred method in teeth realignment as a result of their efficiency and convenience compared to braces. Patients with mild to moderately misaligned teeth are likely to be recommended for Invisalign. Discover if you are a candidate today. Contact the Weston Dental Specialists team at (781) 894-0347 or schedule an appointment online. You may also visit us at 56 Colpitts Road Suite 4-6 Weston, MA 02493. New patients are always welcome. Moreover, our office offers a variety of dental treatments to improve your smile.

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