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Dentist Near Me: Helping Older Dental Patients

Dentist Near Me

Dentist Near Me | As you grow older, you are at risk of acquiring several oral health issues. Most of these age-related problems will occur regardless of how often you clean your mouth and floss. This is why, in addition to the daily cleaning, you need to book dental appointments. You may want to change dentists as you get older because your issues become more complex as you grow older. Here are some of the most common conditions you may experience as an older adult. While age may not be the only reason you may suffer some of the conditions outlined here, issues like arthritis of the hands and feet may be making it more difficult to floss and brush your teeth. Additionally, certain medications may require your dentist to recommend different treatments. Learn more below and contact us today. 

Darkened Teeth

This is a condition that is brought forth by the changes in dentin and the tissues under the tooth enamel. These are often worsened by the lifetime of teeth-staining beverage and foods consumed today. The darker teeth may also be because the outer coating is always getting darker and thinner. They may also be a part of the pressing issues that should be checked by the dentist near me. 

Dry Mouth

This may be the first sign of cancer or the effects of other treatments you are undergoing. Most senior medications can cause dry mouth. However, age also causes a decrease in the level of saliva that is produced. More information regarding this after contacting your dentist near me.

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Diminished Taste Levels

As you advance in age, your taste buds are no longer as sharp as they used to be. This is made worse if you are taking certain medications or suffer from certain conditions. If you wear dentures, they could also be a contributing factor to sensory loss.

Root Decay

The leading cause of tooth rot is because of acids consumed in foods. These roots will decay as the gum tissue recedes. The roots do not have any layer of protection like the teeth do, and so they are susceptible to decay, which can be painful.

Gum Diseases

 Gum disease is often because of food left in the mouth. It is usually made worse by plaque, dentures, medications, certain diseases, diets, and tobacco products. It is a common issue that older adults face.

Tooth Loss

Gum disease, severe tooth decay, and injury are reasons for tooth loss. It is recommended to replace missing teeth to improve oral health.

Uneven Jawbone

If you have missing teeth as a younger person and you did not replace them, you will notice as years go by that your teeth are not even. The remaining teeth often drift to the open spaces and cause problems.

Denture Induces Stomatitis

If dentures are not fixed or cleaned correctly, they may cause a buildup of fungus. Likewise, inflammation may occur within the underlying denture. The most common condition is thrush.

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Questions Your Dentist Near Me May Ask 

If you have a dental problem and your search the internet for ‘dentist near me,’ you are likely to find qualified professionals within your location. Here are some of the questions the dentist near me may ask.

  • The last dental visit and reasons for that visit
  • Have you noted any changes in your mouth?
  • Are your teeth more or less sensitive than they were?
  • Are you feeling uncomfortable, sore, or have any bleeding?
  • Have you noted bumps and lumps in your mouth?
  • Do you have issues with swallowing, tasting, or chewing?

What They Will Check

The dentist may check:

  • Your face for sores, moles or skin discoloration
  • Your bite for issues with opening or closing the mouth
  • The jaw for signs of popping or clicking within the joint
  • Salivary glands and lymph nodes for signs of swelling
  • Interior surfaces like the tongue and the softness of hardness of the gum tissue
  • The condition of the teeth

What to bring:

  • Medications or information printed on the medications so the dentist can help find the proper medical procedures to put you through
  • Medical history form
  • Names and phone numbers or family members you trust will make the right healthcare decisions for you
  • A list of concerns you have
  • Anxiety medications that will help you remain calm during the procedure

Learn More

Going to the dentist near me as a senior person is an excellent decision. It will allow you to ensure that you have the right dental hygiene. It will also help you detect and treat any diseases early on. Contact Weston Dental Specialists Group to learn more. Call (781) 894-0347 or book an appointment online.  Our office is complete with a dedicated team of prosthodontists and the most advanced dental technology. Schedule your consultation today! New patients are always welcome.

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