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Emergency Dentist Weston: Why Do I Have A Toothache?

Emergency Dentist Weston

Emergency Dentist Weston | No one envies anyone experiencing a toothache. The pain can range from a sharp, stabbing sensation to a dull, grinding pain.

But no matter the cause, if you are experiencing a toothache, you will need to determine its cause and visit the emergency dentist Weston residents rely upon. By receiving fast treatment, you will obtain pain relief and give yourself the best opportunity to save a tooth if it is in jeopardy.

Toothaches and Dental Emergencies

Is your tooth sore? Is this a type of dental emergency? Exactly what qualifies as a dental emergency, and what should you be doing? Loosely defined, a dental emergency is a type of problem that affects the teeth or neighboring structures that demands immediate attention. Your emergency dentist Weston can assist you with urgent dental care.

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If you are undergoing anything that seems to require immediate care, you may be having a dental emergency. The first thing to do is to call an emergency dentist, or have someone do it for you, to schedule an emergency dental appointment. If you can contact an emergency dentist Weston right away, they have the ability to see you as soon as possible to provide any needed pain relief and treatment.

Let’s have a look at a few common types of dental emergencies.

Broken Teeth

You can break a tooth in a number of ways: by undergoing facial trauma, particularly sports, or by biting down hard on something. If you have broken a tooth, it may have been chipped or cracked. If it was chipped, collect any fragments if possible. Keep them moist in a container with milk until you can visit an emergency dentist.

Severe Toothache

Pain is always an indication that something is wrong with the body. One thing to try if you are experiencing pain with a tooth is to floss around the tooth, since something may have become lodged and is applying pressure. Avoid using any type of sharp object if you have something between your teeth.

The danger of a severe toothache is that tooth decay may have entered the dental pulp section of the tooth. There are many nerves housed within the dental pulp that can cause severe pain. So visit your emergency dentist Weston as soon as possible for prompt pain relief and treatment.

A toothache may be caused by problems like:

  • Tooth decay
  • Dental abscess
  • Broken tooth
  • Damaged restoration

Dental Restoration Problems

It is not uncommon to experience a situation where a dental restoration begins loosening or completely falls off. This is normally the case when you have an old dental restoration that is failing, but excessive force can also cause the failure of a restoration.

If you have a restoration that has completely fallen out, rinse it and return it to your dentist or emergency dentist Weston. 

Tissue Injury

Dental emergencies don’t always involve just the teeth. They can also impact neighboring soft tissues. Soft tissue injuries include lacerations, puncture wounds, and tears to the cheeks, lips, tongue and mouth. You should begin by attempting to stop any bleeding that is occurring. Then clean the area by gently rinsing it using warm water.

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