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Root Canal Dentist: What is a Root Canal Procedure?

Root Canal Dentist

Root Canal Dentist | Root canals have a bad reputation for instilling fear in patients. Urban legends play a big factor in building these reputations. In fact, television and movies have given the procedure bad expectations.

This is why most patients who have gotten a root canal procedure are pleasantly surprised, because the stories they heard prior were false. Before you decide to avoid a root canal procedure, consult with your dentist and learn more in depth about root canals.

Needing a Root Canal

If the dental pulp of a tooth becomes infected, a root canal is needed to save the tooth. Not only does the procedure save the tooth, it also helps relieve pain that you were feeling. The procedure is usually done by a endodontist or a root canal dentist. The dental pulp is essential to the tooth, it contains nerves and a blood supply. If infection reaches the pulp, it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. The procedure removes the infected dental pulp. It is then refilled to prevent damage from continuing to occur.

Root Canal Dentist | Woman looking at mirror.

Abscessed Tooth Symptoms:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Painful toothache
  • Pain that can travel to the jaw or neck area

The Procedure

Firstly, your mouth will be examined by a dentist or endodontist. Sometimes it’ll transition to a physical examination and x-rays. Secondly, your tooth will be numbed with an anesthetic, so that you don’t feel a thing.

Next, a crown will be drilled into your tooth by a root canal dentist. This allows the dental instruments space to clean out the infected dental pulp. The space will then be used for a filling to replace the dental pulp.

After, the dentist may use some sort of dental cement to seal the area. This helps prevent damage from continuing.

To conclude, a temporary filling will be given until a dental crown is prepared to solidify the tooth.

Root Canal Myths

Now that you know what really goes on in a root canal procedure. Let’s help make some of these myths down below go away.

Myth #1: Root Canals Are Extremely Painful

Furthermore, most people wait till the last moment when they’re feeling extreme pain to get the root canal procedure done. Any discomfort that you experience is due to putting off the procedure for too long. In addition, thanks to modern dental technology, root canals are more comfortable and are completed faster.

Myth #2: Root Canal Procedures Make You Sick

This myth was created by the people that avoided needed dental procedures. People claimed that the procedure caused bacteria to enter the body and make you sick. Above all, a root canal removes bacteria by removing the dental pulp that’s causing your tooth infection.

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