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Dental Office Weston MA: When Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Dental Office Weston MA

Dental Office Weston MA | Most people realize that they should be visiting their dentist for routine exams and cleanings twice annually. These regular appointments ensure that your teeth remain clean and that you have your best chance of preventing oral health problems.

Before making an appointment with their dental office Weston MA patients sometimes wonder how they will know when they really need dental care.

Tooth Pain

Experiencing tooth pain is a classic sign that something is wrong that needs to be addressed right away. Left untreated, tooth pain almost always becomes worse, and whatever underlying problem is causing the pain will progress.

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If you are experiencing swelling around your cheeks, or the site of the pain, this usually indicates an infection. So you definitely need to see the dentist right away so that they can provide immediate pain relief, as well as prescribing antibiotics to begin treating the infection.

Mouth Trauma

You should also visit your dentist if you undergo any type of trauma or injury to your teeth or mouth. Even if you are not in a great deal of pain. You still need to visit the dentist to get things checked out. An injury to the teeth can sometimes cause root damage; so regardless of whether you feel like it is a true emergency or not, it is vital to visit your dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

White Spots on Gums or Teeth

White spots on the gums or teeth may be an indication of the presence of decay, so you will definitely want to check in with the dentist. By acting upon the appearance of white spots early on, you give yourself your best chance for preventing cavities.

Canker Sores

Sooner or later, most of us will experience canker sores. They are normally caused by accidentally biting the inner cheek. Although they can also be caused by some type of irritant. Canker sores are basically small ulcers affecting the gums and inner cheeks. Canker sores typically resolve themselves in about one week, but in some cases they can be severe and slow to heal.

If you develop canker sores that just never seem to go away. You should schedule an appointment with the dental office Weston MA.

Bleeding Gums

To determine whether to visit your dental office Weston MA after experiencing bleeding gums. You need to look at the circumstances surrounding the occurrence. It is not unusual for gums to temporarily bleed after you overdo things with a vigorous brushing and flossing session.

The problem comes in when you experience chronically bleeding gums. This could be an indication of periodontal disease, commonly called gum disease. Periodontal disease is a very serious dental condition that becomes progressively worse if you do not receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Maintaining your dental visits is vital for good oral health. Contact us at (781) 894-0347  to schedule a consultation with your Dental Office Weston MA today.

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