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Dentist Near Me: New Patient Care

Dentist Near Me

Dentist Near Me | Visiting a new dentist can be a little unnerving for some people.  If you have recently found yourself entering the phrase ‘dentist near me’ in a Google search, you should know that the first dental appointment is normally a fairly routine affair. Dentists sometimes just use that initial visit as a get-to-know-you session, leaving the dental work for a subsequent visit.

Although every dentist is little different, there are some common elements to a typical first dental visit:

  • Records and paperwork
  • Discussion of patient concerns
  • Dental exam and cleaning
  • X-rays if needed

Records and Paperwork

Before undergoing any type of treatment or procedure, your dentist will probably need some medical records from you. You’ll need to fill out a complete medical history form. Keep in mind that all of this information will remain confidential, so be honest with your answers. This allows your dentist to correctly assess any dental health risk factors that could affect your treatment options.

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Discussing Any Concerns

Most dentists will want to meet with you prior to performing an examination. This is a chance to have a conversation with your dentist and share any questions or concerns that you may have about your dental health or needed treatments.

Dental Exam

Your dentist will want to check your mouth for any signs of sensitivity or pain, as well as look for signs of gum inflammation or redness. They may also examine your jaw and supporting muscles.

In the case of an emergency dental visit, your dentist may restrict the examination to just the site of the problem. But since a problem in one area of the mouth can lead to problems in another, they will likely perform a comprehensive examination.

Dental Cleaning

Undergoing a professional dental cleaning involves the removal of plaque and flossing of your teeth so that your teeth and smile are at their very best. Regular dental visits almost always involve a dental cleaning. If you have anxiety, this cleaning can be performed under sedation or laughing gas.

A dental cleaning can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending upon the condition of your teeth. If your gums are already irritated, you may experience some sensitivity. Let your dental hygienist know if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort.


Many dentists perform x-rays at every dental appointment so that they can visualize the current condition and health of your gum tissue and supporting bone.


Don’t overdo things with brushing and flossing before your appointment. Your dental team already knows if you’ve been regularly brushing or not. If you work over your teeth and gums right before your appointment, it won’t make up for months of neglect.

Your First Visit

Visiting a new dentist is much like starting a new relationship. There may be a moment or two of awkwardness before a comfort and trust level is established. Open and honest communication goes a long way in helping develop a relationship that is vital to protecting the health and appearance of your teeth and smile.

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