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Invisalign Weston MA: How To Maintain Your Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign Weston MA

Invisalign Weston MA | Having straight teeth is an essential part of maintaining the health and appearance of your teeth and smile. Invisalign has become extremely popular throughout the years with those looking for a discreet treatment. But the system is not a completely passive one.

To get the most out of Invisalign Weston MA patients need to know how to properly maintain their Invisalign clear aligners.

Maintaining Your Aligners

Being treated with Invisalign is more than about simply keeping your aligners in your mouth for the required 22 hours a day. You must also ensure that you keep your teeth and aligners clean. This goes beyond mere cosmetics, as no one wants to walk around with dirty trays. Besides the cosmetic issues, you want to make sure that your aligners are free from an accumulation of bacteria that can negatively affect both your oral hygiene and general health.

Invisalign Weston MA | Man holding Invisalign aligners.

Although your aligners are made from an inorganic material, they can still be affected by oral bacteria if you don’t clean them properly. Food debris and sugars can stick to uncleaned Invisalign Weston MA aligners, leading to a buildup of bacteria that can discolor your aligners and cause them to have a foul odor.

So you need to be cleaning your Invisalign Weston MA aligners on a daily basis to ensure that your treatment is working properly and that you do not develop problems like bad breath. Read on to discover how to clean your trays so that they remain clear and free of bacteria.

Starting a Maintenance Routine

Because you will be sleeping while wearing your aligners, it’s best to remove them the first thing each morning. Clean both your teeth and the actual trays before replacing them into your mouth. While you are sleeping, bacteria has a chance to grow unimpeded. So follow this routine when waking and repeat it before going to bed.

Rinse Your Aligners

Make it a habit to thoroughly rinse your Invisalign aligners every time you remove them from your mouth. Use cold water to rinse them and remove any dried saliva. If you have taken your aligners out, never leave your trays out in the open. And don’t forget to avoid rinsing your aligners using hot water that can warp your trays. Trays with a distorted shape can cause discomfort and affect your treatment.

Brush and Floss

Optimally, you should only remove your trays before you eat or drink. Before replacing your trays, remember to brush and floss your teeth. Otherwise, food particles can become trapped in the trays, potentially causing cavities or other dental problems.

Soak Your Trays

To make sure that your clear aligners remain clean, soak your trays each day using a denture cleaner or Invisalign Weston MA cleaning crystals.

  • Never use hot water or mouthwash to soak your trays, as this could damage them.
  • After you have soaked your trays, use a good toothbrush to remove any lingering food particles.

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Dental Office Weston MA: When Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Dental Office Weston MA

Dental Office Weston MA | Most people realize that they should be visiting their dentist for routine exams and cleanings twice annually. These regular appointments ensure that your teeth remain clean and that you have your best chance of preventing oral health problems.

Before making an appointment with their dental office Weston MA patients sometimes wonder how they will know when they really need dental care.

Tooth Pain

Experiencing tooth pain is a classic sign that something is wrong that needs to be addressed right away. Left untreated, tooth pain almost always becomes worse, and whatever underlying problem is causing the pain will progress.

dental office Weston MA | Happy dental patient.

If you are experiencing swelling around your cheeks, or the site of the pain, this usually indicates an infection. So you definitely need to see the dentist right away so that they can provide immediate pain relief, as well as prescribing antibiotics to begin treating the infection.

Mouth Trauma

You should also visit your dentist if you undergo any type of trauma or injury to your teeth or mouth. Even if you are not in a great deal of pain. You still need to visit the dentist to get things checked out. An injury to the teeth can sometimes cause root damage; so regardless of whether you feel like it is a true emergency or not, it is vital to visit your dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

White Spots on Gums or Teeth

White spots on the gums or teeth may be an indication of the presence of decay, so you will definitely want to check in with the dentist. By acting upon the appearance of white spots early on, you give yourself your best chance for preventing cavities.

Canker Sores

Sooner or later, most of us will experience canker sores. They are normally caused by accidentally biting the inner cheek. Although they can also be caused by some type of irritant. Canker sores are basically small ulcers affecting the gums and inner cheeks. Canker sores typically resolve themselves in about one week, but in some cases they can be severe and slow to heal.

If you develop canker sores that just never seem to go away. You should schedule an appointment with the dental office Weston MA.

Bleeding Gums

To determine whether to visit your dental office Weston MA after experiencing bleeding gums. You need to look at the circumstances surrounding the occurrence. It is not unusual for gums to temporarily bleed after you overdo things with a vigorous brushing and flossing session.

The problem comes in when you experience chronically bleeding gums. This could be an indication of periodontal disease, commonly called gum disease. Periodontal disease is a very serious dental condition that becomes progressively worse if you do not receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Maintaining your dental visits is vital for good oral health. Contact us at (781) 894-0347  to schedule a consultation with your Dental Office Weston MA today.