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Heggerick, Alwazzan & Noel DMD Prosthodontists
Founded by the late Dr. Lloyd Miller

Excellence in Dentistry Since 1958

Dr. Lloyd Miller

Dr. Lloyd Miller in Weston MA

Weston, MA Prosthodontist

Dr. Lloyd Miller was a true pioneer in the emerging dental specialty of Prosthodontics. He founded our practice (today known as Weston Dental Specialists Group) back in 1958. He had an uncompromising commitment to quality, combined with a profound interest in dental laboratory procedures, which led him to incorporate his own private, world renowned in-house dental lab. He is also the creator of the Gnathos Dental Color System. This system enabled dental technicians worldwide to achieve truer shading and color matching.  

During his 49 years with our dental practice, he was able to achieve an international reputation for innovation in esthetic dentistry. He was also a Clinical Professor at Tuft University and maintained a busy lecture and teaching schedule that took him to many universities and dental conferences throughout the world. 

At one time or another Dr. Lloyd Miller was a past President for many of the prestigious dental professional organizations in the US. He also received many honors and awards throughout his career. In 1996, Tufts honored Dr. Miller by dedicating the new Postgraduate Prosthodontic Clinic in his name. Dr. Miller personally funded a scholarship endowment for Tufts students in the graduate prosthodontic program  where he mentored many postgraduate students, most notably Dr’s William C Heggerick, Suzanne L Noel, Alaa Alwazzan and Mario Gatti.

Dr. Lloyd Miller passed away in November 2007. We are honored to carry on his tradition of excellence in dentistry.