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What happens during a dental exam in Weston MA?

Dental Exam in Weston MA

New patients need a professional dental exam before undergoing any treatments. This also applies to patients who have not seen the dentist in a while. A dental exam is important because it allows the dentist to understand your current oral health and recommend treatments that benefit you the most. Dental exams can slightly vary between patients but this overview will offer  insight on what happens during a dental exam. Dental exam in Weston MA
As a new patient, the dental office will need to collect standard information from you. This usually includes basic personal information, medical history, and insurance information, if applicable. We want your visit to be as efficient as possible. So, we recommend arriving to the dental office at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to collect this information.

Next, the dentist will examine your mouth. This usually includes dental X-rays which helps detect tooth decay, teeth alignment issues, cysts, jaw bone structure, and more. There are a variety of dental X-rays. The common X-rays are listed below:

Bite-Wing X-rays – displays the upper and lower molars.

Periapical X-rays – focuses on one or two teeth at a time. The image shows from the crown to the tip of the tooth root.

Occlusal X-rays – shows the full arch of the upper and/or lower jaw.

Panoramic X-rays – displays the entire mouth in one image.

Your visit will also include examination of your gum health. The dentist will search for redness, tenderness, cysts, and more to determine if gingivitis or periodontal disease is present. Your bite, jaw, and neck are also examined for potential TMJ issues. If you have previous dental work, that too will be examined to assure they are intact or if more work is needed.

Upon the dentist’s findings and questions about your medical history, dental treatment recommendations will be discussed. This consultation is also an opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have about your oral health. If no dental issues are found, a dental cleaning with the hygienist is followed. This is usually on the same day but could be scheduled at a later date.

Learn about your oral health today.
Dental exams are essential for your overall health. Dental issues like periodontal disease can affect other parts of the body like the heart. Schedule an appointment today. Our team at Weston Dental Specialists Group would be delighted to assist you. Call (781) 894-0347 or book online here.

Dental Crowns: What to Know Before Your Procedure

Getting a Dental Crown is Great for Your Oral Health

You just found out you need adental crown. So what happens now? Well, fortunately, a dental crown helps improve your oral health while improving your smile. How so? Dental crowns function like a normal tooth. They look like the exposed portion of the tooth and are made to withstand normal chewing. Essentially, they are tooth-like “caps” that are placed over teeth or used in conjunction with dental implants and bridges. Dental crowns are considered when a tooth is weak, damaged, or stained. Getting a dental crown is simple and the benefits are great for your oral health! So, read below to learn more about this amazing dental restorative procedure.

dental crown in Wellesley MA Weston MA

Dental crowns are unique.

Your dental crown will be custom made to fit your mouth and bite. Typically, a mouth impression and X-ray is taken to create the crown. The images and impressions are then sent to a lab that constructs the crown. Dental crowns are offered in different materials. A patient can choose from ceramic, composite-resin, porcelain, and metal. Patients usually choose porcelain and ceramic due to their most natural appearance and durability. However, a consultation will help to narrow your best option.

The procedure is quick and painless.

Applying a dental crown is quick and painless. The procedure usually consists of two visits. The first appointment includes a consultation, exam, impressions, X-rays, and tooth contouring. We need to ensure that your tooth is healthy enough to support the crown and that the crown is custom-made for proper fitting. This visit also includes contouring the tooth for the impressions. And of course, the are is numbed for comfort. Contouring means that the tooth is filed down in order to receive the crown. But don’t worry. You’ll get a temporary crown while the custom crown is being made.

Your next visit is even smoother. Once your crown is ready, we simply remove the temporary and apply your permanent crown with cement. We’ll examine your bite to assure the crown is fitting properly. And now that your crown is fixed, you’ll be able to enjoy eating normally. Just avoid hard food and candy. It can damage your crown or loosen it. If that happens, see us right away to avoid a tooth infection.

They last a long time.

Your new dental crown may feel a little odd at first. But in time, it will feel like a normal tooth. Now, the best part of dental crowns is that they last about 15 years or longer. Your new crown will depend on your dental hygiene efforts. So, brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit us routinely.

Schedule a dental exam and consultation today! Your oral health is important to us and detecting issues early on helps minimize dental work. Call (781) 894-0347. Our dental office is located at 56 Colpitts Road Suite 4-6 Weston MA 02493 and we proudly serve Wellesley MA as well. Visit us soon.