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Lanap and Lapip Laser Gum Treatment

Lanap and Lapip laser gum treatment is your solution to mend the effects of gum disease. Damaged gums are usually difficult to repair after gum disease has affected the area. Years ago, sutures were used to repair gum and bone tissue.  Fortunately, Lanap and Lapip offer quicker results and save more healthy gum and bone tissue.

How does 
Lanap and Lapip laser gum treatment work?

Lanap and Lapip restore gum and bone tissue. Lanap consists of a laser that removes bacteria and diseased tissue along the gum line. Once the area is clear, new tissue is created and seals naturally. Lapip treats patients with dental implants and is essentially the same process as Lanap but with extra care. Gum disease surrounding dental implants is known as peri-implantitis. This infection can cause dental implant failure which needs to be corrected immediately.

Why should I consider laser gum treatment?

Convenience and comfortability are reasons why patients prefer Lanap and Lapip laser gum treatment. There is less pain due to the laser treating only the affected area. Healing is faster because less inflammation occurs.  And, fewer appointments are needed than with conventional gum surgery.

Am I candidate for Lanap and Lapip laser gum treatment?

Patients with moderate and severe gum disease should speak to us about gum treatment and schedule an exam.

What is the healing time?

Most patients recover quickly. Usually within 24 hours, patients are feeling normal and return to their usual tasks and responsibilities. Conventional gum surgery can take 2 to 4 weeks of recovery, which makes Lanap and Lapip the preferred choice for gum disease treatment.

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