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Immediate and Delayed Surgical Dental Implant Placement

Immediate Surgical Dental Implant Placement

Surgical dental implant model in Wellesley and Weston, MA. surgical dental implant Wellesley MA

A surgical dental implant is a great solution for teeth replacement. However, patients usually need to wait months after a tooth extraction before receiving the dental implant. Thanks to modern technology, inserting dental implants right after tooth extraction is possible. This really depends on the amount of bone left after the tooth extraction.

Preoperative 3D imaging helps to confirm the possibility of an immediate dental implant. The imaging provides the best insight on whether or not it will be successful.  Immediate surgical implant placement offers convenience and reduces overall recovery time.

Delayed Surgical Dental Implant Placement

When immediate surgical implant placement is not an option, the patient will need to wait until the area completely heals. This may include bone grafting that needs to heal and grow new bone for the dental implant. Waiting can take months but it is necessary for the dental implantation success. Delayed surgical implant placement is the more traditional process of inserting dental implants but research shows that either option delivers similar success rates.

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