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Why Invisalign Is Best

Invisalign Weston MA

A great smile is infectious, and everyone wants to have one. But that also depends on whether you are confident enough. Some patients wish for a straighter smile but prefer not to have traditional braces. Decades ago, traditional braces were the only option. However, technological advances now offer options! Invisalign is the most advanced way to straighten teeth, making it the most preferred choice.

Traditional braces use brackets and wires. Over time, the wires move the teeth correctly into place. The brackets come in clear plastic and metal. Many patients do not like traditional braces because of the metal components. Fortunately, Invisalign is clear! Invisalign is a set of clear aligners that effectively straighten teeth. The revolutionary system is conveniently removable and transparent. Learn more about Invisalign and contact us today.

Invisalign Weston MA


Invisalign is as effective as traditional braces. Problems such as underbites, overbites, crowding and gaps between teeth can be corrected with Invisalign. We recommend wearing each set for 23 hours a day. Depending on your plan, you will need to graduate to the next set every 2 weeks or so. Patients typically see results within 6 to 18 months. Likewise, patients will need to wear a retainer after treatment to maintain their new smile. In brief, retainers keep the teeth from shifting back and they are normally worn at night. More information regarding your retainer will be discussed during the consultation.

Virtually Invisible

People using braces have been associated with insecurity. Hardly anyone wants a metal mouth. Knowing that Invisalign is virtually invisible, offers patients more confidence. Invisalign is a set of clear aligners that are custom-made for each patient. It is less noticeable which is why most patients prefer Invisalign. 

No Dietary Restrictions

There are many things you cannot eat whilst wearing braces. Foods such as popcorn, apples, raw carrots, and candy avoided with traditional braces. These food options can damage the braces or lead to injury. However, Invisalign allows patients to enjoy all types of food. Patients can remove their aligners before eating. Then, simply brush their teeth before reinserting them. Keeping your teeth clean prevents plaque and tartar build-up. In addition, you will maintain a fresher breath.

Invisalign Weston MA

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There are many benefits to choosing Invisalign. Discover if this teeth straightening method is best for you. Weston Dental Specialists Group offers Invisalign consultations. If you have mild to moderately misaligned teeth, schedule your appointment today. Our team will discuss your options to customize your dental treatment plan. New and existing patients may call (781) 894-0347 or book an appointment online. Additionally, our office is located at 56 Colpitts Road Suite 4-6 Weston, MA 02493.

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Dentist

Dentist Weston MA

Visiting the dentist is recommended for all patients. Most visits are twice a year, but some patients may need more depending on their oral health. Nonetheless, dental visits are essential to protect your teeth and gums against oral health issues. Decay, periodontal disease, and tooth loss can be avoided by maintaining your scheduled appointments. In fact, a number of dental emergencies can be prevented with proper dental care. Learn more about why you should visit the dentist below and contact us today.

dentist weston ma

Preventive Dental Care

Dental exams and cleanings are preventive care maintenance. Exams help detect issues early on, while cleanings remove plaque and tartar. Patients that stay proactive on their dental health are likely to have healthier smiles. Additionally, dental emergencies such as infection and tooth pain can be prevented with routine dental care.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is a common reason why patients will visit the dentist unexpectedly. Some may also attempt to ignore the issue, which is not recommended. Tooth pain is usually a sign of an underlying issue such as decay or infection. Patients with tooth pain should visit their dentist right away. It is always best to treat an issue early on than wait until it progresses. 

dentist weston ma

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a highly requested cosmetic dental procedure. In fact, many patients ask about teeth whitening when scheduling their routine visits. Although teeth whitening can be accomplished with over-the-counter products, in-office treatment is the most effective and safe method. In-office teeth whitening can lighten teeth up to 8 shades in one visit. Plus, results can last up to 3 years!

Perfecting Your Smile

Crooked and misshapen teeth are a common concern among patients. Depending on your situation, treatment will differ. Straightening teeth can be accomplished with Invisalign clear aligners. This treatment is great for mild to moderately misaligned teeth and results are typically obtained within 6 to 18 months. In addition, some crooked or misshapen teeth can be corrected with crowns or veneers. A thorough examination is needed to recommend your best options.

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Visiting the dentist is essential to maintain optimal oral health. Many patients are recommended to visit the dentist twice a year, while others may need more visits due to their unique situation. Aside from preventive dental care, there is an array of treatments to improve anyone’s smile. Learn more about dental treatments with our team of prosthodontists. Weston Dental Specialists Group accepts new patients and offers consultations to customize your treatment plan. Call  (781) 894-0347 or book an appointment online. Patients are also invited to visit us at  56 Colpitts Road Suite 4-6 Weston, MA 02493.