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Complete dentures in Wellesley and Weston, MA. Dentures Wellesley MA

Dentures Weston, Wellesley, Wayland, Sudbury, MA

Complete and partial dentures are removable mouth appliances for teeth replacement. Tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and injury can result in missing teeth. Replacing them not only restores your smile but chewing and speaking improves as well. Also, face definition is restored as missing teeth tend to cause sunken cheeks. Complete and partials deliver different results. Patients who have lost all of their teeth are better candidates for complete dentures. Whereas, if you are missing some teeth, partials can be an option. Today’s technology has made them look more natural
function more effectively and comfortably.Partial dentures in Wellesley and Weston, MA. Dentures Wellesley MA

Consider the following types of dentures.

Conventional – If teeth need to be removed, these dentures are custom-made and inserted after your gums have healed. This offers the best fit because healing gums can change your mouth shape.

Immediate – These dentures are inserted on the same day that teeth are removed. The convenience is great because you will have a new set of teeth instantly. However, you will need to revisit the office to realign them after the jaw is healed.

Overdenture – If some teeth are saved, an overdenture can be used. The remaining teeth function as stability for the overdenture. Dental implants can be used to stabilize them as well.

How do I care for them?

Handle them with care. Just like natural teeth, brush them twice a day and rinse them with mouthwash. If you have dental implants or existing teeth, brush normally and floss as well. Brush your gums, cheeks, tongue, and roof to remove buildup. Proper care of your dentures and mouth prevents oral irritation and bad breath. When not in use, keep them in clean water and stored away.

Do I have to use adhesives?

Adhesives like creams, pads, strips, and liquids are common to use. We can discuss the best ones to use that are ADA approved.

Weston Dental Specialists Group offers both dentures and partial dentures for people that have lost or are losing their teeth. If your removable partial denture breaks, cracks, chips, or if one of the teeth becomes loose then visit our Weston, MA dental clinic. We also offer affordable dentures & implant solutions in surrounding cities like Wellesley, Wayland & Sudbury.

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